Steps to Start SMS Marketing Campaign

Posted by Kiana Adams

If you want to start your SMS marketing campaign in the right way, you have to follow the proper procedure. You can complete the SMS marketing by yourself or hire a company to help you run a perfect comparison. The best way to start SMS marketing is by hiring a company and giving them data about the campaign you want.

SWOT analysis

When you are starting anything in business, it is crucial to do a SWOT analysis. You are going to look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It will help you understand the ways to attract the attention of the customers to your business. Sending text message blast will not do anything if you have nothing special to give to the customers.

Goal setting

After you have done your SWOT analysis, you can set marketing goals. You can set a goal that you want to reach a certain number of people in a month. You can also set a goal that you want to sell your service to 200 customers within a week using SMS marketing. These are all achievable goals based on the type of business.

Hire an SMS marketing agency

You are going to need a list of people who agree to receive your marketing messages. You cannot send a text message blast to everybody because it is against the law. You have to get permission from the customer to receive your marketing messages. One way of doing it is by hiring an SMS marketing agency. They already have a list of people who agreed to receive their marketing messages. It will be easy to send a text message blast by a marketing agency.

Write perfect text

After doing all the research, it comes to a final point. You have to write perfect message text that can attract the customers. A message that to not have a call to action will not bring customers for your business. You can get help from the SMS marketing company to write the text for your SMS marketing campaign.

Improve using reports

It is very unusual if you get the SMS marketing campaign right for the first time. There is always room for improvement. You can send the marketing message to a group of people and see their response. If the response is not satisfactory, you can change the message. You can also send messages to different age groups and check the response. If a particular age group responds better to SMS marketing, you can target more people in that group.

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