The Process Of Finding A Certified Tax Attorney

Posted by Kiana Adams

Have you been informed that your individual or company tax returns are being audited? Do you have any other issues with the state taxes or IRS and don’t know how to find a certified tax attorney? Even though tax laws are complex and ever-changing, a good attorney from can guide you through the entire process, answer IRS auditor requests, negotiate IRS settlement, attend in-person meetings, etc. And in the long run, they will save you a lot of money in extra taxes, fees, interests, and penalties.

Experience matters

You want to prioritize on attorneys who particularly deal with IRS issues and controversies. This is because such a person can act as an IRS “controversy” tax attorney. Such lawyers know well the inner operations of the IRS. Day to day interactions with IRS offers them rich experience and their tax practice gives them unique insights on how to handle tax issues.

Credentials never lie

Consider asking your potential attorneys about every credential they possess. Everybody wants to hire a licensed attorney who practices law by the state’s bar as well as have academic documentation – Master of Laws degree at least (remember that less qualified tax attorneys might be cheaper but can cost you more eventually). A tax attorney that is a Certified Public Accountant is competent when it comes to handling hard cases and is good with figures.

Good reputation reassures

Before employing any tax attorney, opt for spending some time on the internet to do thorough research. Undoubtedly, happy and satisfied clients tend to leave behind good reviews in sites like Yelp. If the internet isn’t your thing, contact the status bar to ask more about any disciplinary action or complaints on file for the attorney. Essentially, always know the kind of tax attorney you are hiring.

Making the right choice

After gathering all the information about the kind of tax attorney you want, pick the right one depending on your case, time and budget. In every situation, get the details of all aspects concerning your case in writing apart from payments and billing rates. Remember that attorneys who bill hourly usually ask for an up-front retainer to secure them to represent you – the attorney will bill by hour after the retainer exhausts.

Final thoughts

Be sure to clearly know or ask every question before hiring a tax preparer – from whether they possess PTIN (preparer tax identification number) and their tax background to how they determine their fees. can help you make the right choice, just contact us or visit our website for more information concerning our services.

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